Adult Beginner Lessons

To register for adult programs, visit RegattaCentral, Learn-to-Row section, and follow the registration instructions.

Sculling is an activity with broad appeal – just as fun and rewarding for a 30, 50 or 80-year-old as it is for a teenager.

This form of rowing – which uses two oars, one in each hand, to propel a long, narrow boat with a sliding seat – can be done alone or as part of a crew; at a leisurely pace or a vigorous one.  An ideal form of recreation and an excellent avenue for exhilarating, limit-pushing competition, sculling offers a terrific aerobic workout without the bone-jarring impact of other cardio activities.

What do you get when you sign up for Adult Beginner Lessons? A set of 4 two-hour coached lessons focusing on basic boat handling, oar skills, steering and safety.  Small group sessions (4 students with 2-3 coaches) ensure that each adult receives individual instruction, both off and on the water.

When are lessons offered?  Available sessions are noted at RegattaCentral, where you will register for your session and submit payment for it.


Adult Beginner Lesson (ABL) graduates who want to row using NRR equipment and facilities for the remainder of the season can do so by signing up for a Beginner Continuation Membership (see Membership section in top menu). Your instructor will explain this process and provide necessary information at the end of your ABL session.

 If you are a sweep rower now; if you were on a high school or college crew (sweep rowing) within the last few years; if you have sculled before although not for a while, you may wonder if you really need four lessons to safely, comfortably and competently row a single sculling shell.  Only an NRR coach can determine that – and only after he or she sees you row.  To find out more about this, contact NRR at