Our Mission


To foster an interest in the sport of rowing and to educate our community on all aspects of the sport.


An enhanced quality of life for our community by sharing our passion for rowing.

  • Diversity – Our membership will reflect our community; our programs will reflect our membership.
  • Quality – We will provide the highest quality programs for our members and a positive experience for all who work with or for our organization.
  • Transparency– We will maintain open relationships with our members and partners.
  • Passion – We will share our passion for rowing.
  • Collaboration – Our members will work with one another with other organizations to strengthen our community. 
  • Education – Educate, encourage and promote continuous development and improvement of all athletes regardless of skill level.
  • Access – Provide rowing opportunities to individuals without regard to gender, race, religion, age or scholastic affiliation.
  • Safety – Operate all of our programs in the safest manner possible by establishing and following rules to enhance and promote safety.
  • Community – Serve as an active and integral part of the community by offering community outreach events with a focus on providing opportunities for the under-served in our community.
  • Communication – Develop a comprehensive marketing, branding and public relations strategy that captures and communicates our organization’s plans and programs externally and ensures open communication with our membership.
  • Investment – Establish a capital reserve fund that will support short and long term program and growth objectives.
  • Growth– Investigate the feasibility of establishing our community as a USRowing recognized regional rowing center.